Great Britain Rowing talks successes, obstacles


SARASOTA – Sunday marked the end of the World Rowing Championships and Great Britain’s rowing team will head back overseas, but not without medals.

The Great Britain Men’s Four is laughing with relief after taking home the bronze.

“We did what we could out there. We did the best we can on the day,” Men’s Four Matthew Tarrant said. “The main thing is that we did get a medal and got on the podium.”

The Men’s Quadruple Scull took silver, but the journey to second place wasn’t a smooth one.

During warm-ups, one of their rowers, Peter Lambert, stopped rowing halfway through.

“I said, ‘What’s wrong?’,” Men’s Quad John Collins said. “He turned to me and said his back had gone, and we needed to go back to the landing stage.”

It was a complete shock to the whole team.

“It was something new that we hadn’t expected. It never happens like this,” Men’s Quad Johnny Walton said.

They called on their substitute, Graeme Thomas, who had about ten minutes’ notice to race with three men he’d never practiced with.

“We just had to kind of get on with it, really,” Walton said. “You can’t really practice for those situations.”

They were missing their teammate, Pete, but they still had plenty of reasons celebrate.

“Obviously delighted, because we’ve never been on a championship podium before,” Collins said, “so we were over the moon about that.”

All four rowers seemed to be ‘over the moon’ to race in Sarasota.

“It’s probably the best World Championship venue we’ve ever been to,” Walton said.

“It’s massive,” Men’s Four Matt Rossiter said. “Yeah, I’d say probably one of the best venues I’ve ever been.”

“It feels much like the Olympic games,” Tarrant said. “You arrive, there’s lots of space, lots of action. There’s huge amounts of crowds turning up to watch you.”



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