New Zealand rower makes history


SARASOTA – An athlete for the Championships at Nathan Benderson Park has made quite the impact on the growing sport.

Sam Bosworth didn’t set out to be a pioneer in rowing but in June, when he crossed the finish line at the Poznan World Rowing Cup, he made history as the first man to steer an international women’s crew to victory.

“It’s cool. It’s exciting to be on the course.”

The 23-year-old is hoping to lead New Zealand to victory in Sarasota at the World Rowing Championships.

“I think I’m the only male to be in the women’s event this year.”

He is the coxswain for the New Zealand Women’s 8, keeping the rowers in sync as they try to quickly move down the course.

“The stern is what they call it the front of the boat and the eight girls are in front of me.”

It’s the first time major international rowing events have allowed mixed gender boats.

“So a male can cox a female crew and vice versa.”

The women in Sam’s boat have respected him from day one. He’s known most of them for years and switching from coxing a men’s boat to women’s didn’t require any additional training.

“It’s no different really. They just decided to make a rule change that it’s gender equal so now it’s another chance to cox at the elite level.”


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