If Suncoast residents have a lot of trash and debris after Irma, we have the latest on when it will be picked up.

Sarasota residents are waiting for their lives and lawns to return to normal.

“Regular waste is going to go with the regular collection day, so starting tomorrow Thursday, the Thursday route will be collected into Friday, and then next week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday,” Todd Kucharski said.

Kucharski is the general manager for the City of Sarasota Public Works Dept. He knows Irma left several residents with too much trash.

“Perhaps food went bad because of power being out,” Kucharski.

Not to mention, storm debris. It’s important to keep that debris separate from your regular trash and recycling. Mixing them could be problematic.

If you have trash that won’t fit in your already-full bins, the city has a solution.

“Place that in a bag next to their other trash and we can go ahead and collect that for them,” Kucharski said.

However, not all areas will do this.

Here are the guidelines for Manatee County:

-NO recycling collection this week
-Trash will be collected this week by garbage trucks if your road is passable.
-Residents with Tuesday/Friday collection will have normal trash collection schedule.
-Residents with Monday/Thursday collection will have their garbage collected on Wednesday and Thursday this week
-Regular garbage collectors will ONLY be collecting the trash that fits inside your garbage can.
-Large items, debris, and yard waste will not be collected this week.

And the guidelines for Venice:

-No recycling will be collected until Monday, Sept. 18.
-The city will start normal recyclables collection Monday and continue through the week on normal pickup.
-Venice garbage and yard waste collection resumed today September 13. Prepare to have your garbage and yard waste to the curb on your next regular pickup day.
-Yard waste should be bagged, bundled or tied (if possible), 40 lb weight limit, with nothing longer than 4 feet (please cut to size).
-Separate yard waste, aluminum, roofing materials, etc. into separate piles.

Venice is also reminding residents that sandbags are the homeowners’ responsibility.

Sarasota is planning to pick up debris next week, but has not yet set a specific date.