VENICE- “We shouldn’t have to live like this,” said Helen Ciraco, Venice President.

While residents across the Suncoast are regaining power and water, Helen Ciraco is wondering what’s taking so long.

Just a few blocks down the street, it isn’t hard to miss a large fallen tree on Lemon Bay Rd.

“We have no electric, we can’t flush our toilets. We can’t take showers; we can’t live without the pump…without the electric,” Ciraco said.

The Venice neighborhood runs on an electric well system, now that the large tree has fallen onto a power line, the neighborhood is without water AND electricity.

Many speculating a small tornado from Irma is the cause.

“Saturday afternoon, the lights were flickering on and off when the storm started coming through. The winds weren’t even heavy and all the sudden the lights went out at 1:30 in the afternoon,” Ciraco said, “and we thought they would come back on and they haven’t been on since.”

Later that day, one of Helen’s trees fell onto a neighbor’s house…smashing his roof and totaling his daughter’s car.

“Trees were everywhere…trees were down. This car was covered totally,” said Helen’s neighbor, Jim Patton.

Despite the circumstances, they remain positive,¬†“It’s an act of nature, you’re not going to change nature,” said Patton.

Helen said,”I called my insurance company this morning and they have been awesome, they are absolutely wonderful, they can put us up in a hotel.”

FPL projects these residents will receive by power by September 22nd.