SARASOTA COUNTY- Sarasota County is extending the State of Emergency another 7 days.

“That recognizes the fact that during the recovery phase there is still a number of critical operations that need to occur,” County Administrator Tom Harmer said.

While many areas of the county are getting back to normal, others are still not safe to travel through.

“We’re concerned,” Harmer said. “And want to make sure the public understands those hazards and only goes out when they have to.”

The County is opening up things like the administration building and Selby Library to help residents recovery efforts.

“That’s just one way with our computers there that maybe they can access the internet,” Harmer said. “Where normally they may not be able to because in their homes, condos, or areas where there at, they may not have that access.”

County Administrator Tom Harmer says he spoke with recovery teams about examining what the county can do better.

“Asking them as we move into this event,” Harmer said. “To already start identifying lessons learned and think about that all the way through the event, and we know things are going to come up that will be unexpected.”

That includes strengthening infrastructure that fell early in the storm.

“Always looking at how we can harden that,” Harmer said. “And then prioritizing it to critical facilities, and so when you think about hospitals and you think about key shelters that we may normally open up in a hurricane type event.”

Sarasota County has still not issued an all clear from Hurricane Irma.