Places to go for fuel and food


Sarasota- After the hurricane threat is gone, what’s left is finding a place to fuel up and grab a bite to eat, especially if you’re out of power with no generator.

Half of downtown Sarasota shops open and much needed happy hour is in full swing at some locations, others are cooking a hot meal like Panificio on Main St.

Not all Starbucks are open, so if you want a hot cup of Joe, there’s other places to go like Sift Bakehouse on McAnsh Square.

Most Publix locations are open, almost all Wal-Mart’s across the state are closed, even Win Dixie posting a sign on their door that they have no power. Most Targets across the state are also closed.

Fuel is slowing making its way to the pumps but its best to make sure your nearest location has some before heading out, go to the Gas Buddy app or online and type in your address.

The postal service is also working around the clock to deliver your mail.