MANATEE – As Irma approaches the Suncoast, Manatee County experiences winds up to 50 mph; its effects, extremely dangerous to residents.

Manatee County public safety dispatchers are receiving a surge of calls as trees are knocking down power lines.

Just after 1:30 P.M. on Sunday, Bradenton Fire Department responded to a fallen tree, causing a loose power line to run down the 700 block of 22nd Ave W.

Moments later, they responded to another fallen power line closing in on one resident’s house on the 2500 block of 20th Ave W.

“The power company has been supposed to cut this tree down and they’ve been called many times, they’ve come out, they’re surveyed it, the trees been on fire many times,” said Manatee County resident, Karlos Macias, “You can tell that its burnt up from the tree being on fire and the girl that runs the house has multiple times, called them, contacted them, nothings been done.”

Florida Power and Electric strongly urges residents to stay far away from fallen power lines and to notify them immediately.