Get Up Get Active with Crunch #33: Overdrive


SARASOTA – Kick it into high gear with Overdrive at Crunch. This high intensity class pushes members to their limit.

Crunch group fitness instructor Victoria Chadsey describes it as non-stop action.

“Cardio to a little bit of strength, high intensity, your heart rate is up and you continue moving, fat burning… strength training class.”

The combination of exercises are endless making each class unique. Overdrive is the definition of a full body workout and members say they cant get enough.

“I like it because it works out your entire body pretty much, you do upper body, and legs and squats, butt everything.”

“It’s a good aerobic workout if you’re looking for cardio. And again, it’s not high impact on your knee but it’s high intensity and it gets your heart rate going.”

And believe it or no, members like Heather Romano come out drenched in just half an hour. She says Overdrive is all out work.

“It’s nice with the 30 minute classes because you don’t stop moving. If you go to an hour long class, there’s a lot of breaks. So this is 30 minutes. You get a workout in 30 minutes and you don’t stop. So it’s good.”

Group fitness instructors say Overdrive is for everyone.

“Anything from beginner to advanced level. We are able to make modifications whether it’s different sized weights that you are using or modifying to what the instructor says. Just doing your best level of the class. As long as you are there, you’re working out. You’re burning some calories.”


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