Get Up Get Active with Crunch #32: Zumba


BRADENTON – Crunch Bradenton offers its members Zumba classes in a unique light’s off atmosphere. With only strobe lights casting shadows on the dance floor, each member becomes a silhouette in a sea of movement.

Crunch Zumba instructor Juana Dreier says this Zumba class is 60 minutes of exercise in disguise.

“It just feels like you are not working out. That’s what I think and plus, a lot of people are willing to come in because they don’t think that everybody is watching them cause people are very intimidated.”

Larica McCalister and Stephanie Robinson have been crunch Zumba–goers for more than two years now, calling this dance floor a place to let loose.

“It’s like a club in there. The way she turns the lights on and stuff… it’s awesome.”

“You’re more free and you feel like not everyone is watching you so it’s okay. You let go. It’s a stress release!”

Dreier says it’s the mix of music that keeps people coming back again and again.

“From the 70’s… I mix it with the hip hop, Spanish, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata. We do it all.”

And it doesn’t hurt that this full body, calorie blasting workout. It doesn’t feel like a workout at all.

“It’s a lot of fun but you get so exhausted afterwards because you don’t realize how much fun you’re having.”

“We use a lot of arms. We do a lot for the abs, we have a squat song in between, you leave the class dripping wet.”

Zumba allows people of all ages and fitness levels to sculpt and tone their bodies through dance. Drier says she has modifications for every song.

“I always start with low impact and I tell them one which means low impact. If you want more, I’ll tell them two and they bump it up. If they really want to get crazy, they do. And then i just let them go.”


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