Get Up Get Active with Crunch #30: Cardio Tai Box


SARASOTA – This is Cardio Tai Box. As the name implies, this class is a combination of cardio, martial arts and boxing.

“It’s a 30 minute, full body workout.”

Crunch group fitness instructor Jenny Densmore says Cardio Tai Box is a high energy, high intensity class that will have participants dripping in sweat in no time. She says the goal is to keep everyone moving.

“You can be as intense as you want or you can take it down a notch. With so many classes, we all try to give a good workout to anybody. You don’t have to be super fit. Or you can be super fit. And we give modifications in every class here.”

The high impact class features a blend of kicks, punches and strength training. It’s all synced up to upbeat music.

Crunch participants say unlike a cardio dance class, for example, the Cardio Tai Box’s jumps, steps, punches and kicks are simple and easy to follow .

Crunch member Susy Chtay says she just cant get enough.

“It’s really fun. And also I feel like my body is getting more toned and it keeps my stamina high and my energy and I love it!”

And it’s something she looks forward to after work.

“You warm up your body and then you go cardio. You feel like you are kicking whatever you want to kick!”

Leaving energized and stress–free.

“Just go at your own pace and you’ll get a good workout either way.”