SARASOTA-  Candace Powell is on a mission to end childhood cancer.

Candace Powell was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer at only 3 months old.

“I had a 10% chance of survival, I was not supposed to make it past age 3,” said Powell.

Its called called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and is similar to Leukemia.

Powell underwent chemotherapy, and is now in remission. At 18 years old, Powell is raising money for pediatric s cancer.
“I know it’s difficult for parents, families and children that are going through it,”said Powell.

She began working with CureSearch 3 years ago to bring awareness about cancer research.
She now has her own event. Candy’s Circus Run is gearing up for its 2nd annual race.

“We’ll have a lot of carnival games were going to have circus arts conservatory will be here and we’ll have different people along each mile for the 10ks I have been able to do a lot more with what I have been given,” said Powell

She is juggling fun and fundraising.

“I want to keep it that it’s not for me, I don’t need the profit. I want to help kids with disabilities, physical disabilities,” said Powell

There is no cure for Powell’s cancer she goes to the doctor every year to make sure she’s okay. She’s chooses to use each day for something good.

“It’s not about what I had  to overcome but it’s about what I can  use with what happened to me, how I can impact others and impact the community,” said Powell.

The race is Saturday August 12th at Nathan Benderson Park. Doors open at 7 am and there is still room to sign up.