Sarasota Cuban Ballet School “On Stage” Performance


SARASOTA-  The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School is wrapping up their summer intensive. 95 students from all over the country including Sarasota will be on one stage.

Karl Erik Wigle  dance career  began later in life.

“I think it actually like helped cause I felt this push all the way from the beginning to get better quite quickly,” said Wigle.

He is from Sweden and is one of the dancers chosen to attend the Royal Ballet School in London. He traveled Sarasota for more training.

“It was like amazing experience because  this Cuban technique is really special because  they have brought forth one of the most amazing dancers  Carlos Acosta and he’s my idol, so  I was like gotta go there,” said Wigel.

Administrative Director Francesca Macbeth says the dancers come for the experience.
“The level of training, the level intensity , the level of diversity of the faculty that they get to work with , the very special guest faulty that we get to work with coming from Cuba, has brought all of these young dancers to us here in Sarasota,” said Macbeth.

Its as much physical as it is mental.

“Almost more than physical because if it’s good up here then the body will follow,” said Wigel.

Although they make it look easy, its hard work. 6 days a week, 8 or more hours a day.

“Drive for perfection that you really like never get. It creates this drive,” said Wigel.

“It’s their dedication, what they want to do they all have that incredible drive to become the best in their field,” said Macbeth.



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