Gluten intolerance or glyphosate poisoning?


SARASOTA – The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness reports 18 million Americans have some form of gluten sensitivity. Many experts believe the rising number is thanks to a chemical, not the actual wheat.

What if gluten intolerance is really glyphosate poisoning? It’s a chemical often known as Roundup, used since 1973.

Mixed with genetically modified organisms, it attacks our good gut bacteria and may make us sick. “Our food supply is inundated with these GMOs, these genetically modified organisms to withstand this pesticide,” says Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Bonni London.

It’s a pesticide the World Health Organization has gone back and forth over whether it’s carcinogenic.

London says corn and soy are at the top of the list of foods with GMOs.

“The GMOs as well as gluten has the ability to poke some tiny holes in the lining of our GI track,” says London. They’re in most packaged foods, including cookies, cereal, and salad dressing.

“Our food has changed so much,” says London. “We really need to pay attention to where we’re getting it from.”

London says America allows GMOs, but many other countries do not. “I had a patient who told me her hair loss stopped when she went to Italy,” says London. All because she wasn’t consuming GMOs and Glyphosate.

“If you really want to protect yourself you need to get something that says non-GMO or organic, and again you really can’t avoid these foods,” says London. “It’s really about decreasing it as much as you can because it’s everywhere and it’s overload, and our immune systems just can’t take it and that’s when we have a breakdown.”

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Nicole Sommavilla
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