A surgery inspires a woman


SARASOTA COUNTY – Surgery can work wonders. A Sarasota woman’s own successful surgery inspires her to give back to the community.

Twenty-year-old Brittany Bellina underwent an operation, repairing 11 vertebrae damaged in her spine. The cause was scoliosis, a medical condition causing the spine to twist and curve.

Now teaming up with All Children’s Hospital, Bellina’s aim is to raise awareness for the painful condition. Bellina wants those who suffer from scoliosis to know they can share their experiences with her. She says the road to recovery has altered her way of living.

“I had to relearn how to walk. I had to learn a new way of life not being able to bend like a normal like I was before. After that I been living pain free for two years tomorrow.”

Bellina says even though she is pain-free, her scoliosis is not gone. It’s a condition with no cure, but she doesn’t want those affected to give up.