Fire Department investigates smoking FPL pole


SARASOTA – The phone lines were hot this morning… in more ways than one.

The Sarasota Fire Department responded to a smoking FPL pole at 10th Street and Central Avenue in Sarasota Sunday, July 16th.

Florida Power and Light and the Sarasota Police Department also arrived on scene to assist in the small fire. Fire officials quickly extinguished the fire and shut down power in the area while FPL examined the pole.

“One of the wires was actually physically touching the wooden pole and it continued to smolder and burn into the pole so FPL had a quick response,” says Battalion Chief Crag Gerardi. “They got here, they got a guy up in the bucket. He put dry chemical, extinguisher on the fire and put the fire out and now they got a crew coming to make a permanent repair.”

Gerardi says the cause was some kind of electrical malfunction.

SPD stayed on scene to assist with traffic control. No one was injured in the incident.