A documentary taking students overseas

Mr. Sparky

SARASOTA COUNTY – A local rock and soul group is taking Sarasota kids on an exciting trip overseas and the number one travel accessory is cameras.

Students from Pine View School are preparing to travel to Europe to create a documentary for the band, Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio.

The kids, amateurs when it comes to filming, met up at O’Leary’s Sunday to familiarize themselves with their cameras and other equipment.

One of the students is the son of Lenny Brooks, the guitar player for the band. He says this experience will let him see a side of his father he’s never see before.

“I’ve never been out of the states before.  So this is my first time I have ever gone into a foreign country, and I’ve never seen my father on tour.  And I really never get to see him interact with the people that he’s really friends with his fans what they kind of think of him,”said Lenny Brooks III.

Brooks says even though his father’s band is in the limelight, they are just like anyone else. And the documentary will focus on that.