Champagne lover receives a unique vending machine


SARASOTA – There are a lot of things you can find in vending machines… pizza, shoes, pies… now add champagne to that list. A local couple shows us their personal champagne vending machine, saying it could be the only one of its kind in the country.

Ice cold champagne… usually not an odd sight at a 50th birthday party. But where this champagne comes from… that’s another story.

“Having a champagne vending machine in your home is the most unique thing I could ever think of.”

Carol Bourbeau received just that on her birthday. What more could a champagne lover want?

“I feel absolutely like the luckiest person in the world.”

Her boyfriend, Tiki George, spending 100 man hours crafting Carol’s gift from a machine right out of the past.

“It’s a 1960’s coke machine with a modern finish. It actually has a digital picture frame and a wood veneer finish so it works like brand new.”

A machine from the 60’s… explaining the 25 cent cost. But where do the quarters go?

“We’re gonna take all of the quarters that everyone decides to deposit in here and donate that to charity too.”

Something Carol’s friends can’t refuse. Tiki George says her girlfriends gush over the gift.

“Now I don’t know much about women like most men, but what I do know is if you make their girlfriends jealous, you got it.”

Rows of champagne bottles just waiting to be chosen. Now a gift for a special celebration.


Tiki George came up with the idea as he and Carol plan a trip to, where else… but Champagne, France. But until then, Carol and Tiki George have a bit of France right in their living room.

“I tell everyone. Just bring a quarter. The champagne’s yours.”