SARASOTA – How did Arik Katz start swimming? “I was pretty much forced,” Arik said. He’s the youngest of the four Katz kids. His three older siblings, are all collegiate swimmers.

“My oldest sister she chose when she was like 10 and pretty much everyone after her had to swim,” Arik said.

They all had to play an instrument too, but unlike his siblings, Arik stuck with piano. He’s getting the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.

“It was really scary, I was really nervous, but it went well,” Arik said.

His brother Austin, who’s a member of the USA National Junior Swimming Team, couldn’t be more proud of his little brother..

“It’s indescribable, seeing him play, and the passion he has for it, I can’t really describe it,” Austin said. “He’s really just amazing.”

“I don’t know much about piano, but I imagine that’s pretty elite company to be in,” Sarasota Sharks Head Coach Brent Arckey added.

Arik played a jazzy piece his first time at Carnegie Hall, his second time at Carnegie playing this Peanuts tune.

“I’m like obsessed with playing the Peanuts, Linus and Lucy, but they’re (parents) tired of it, because I’ve played it so much,” Arik said with a laugh.

But what his parents aren’t tired of is Arik’s effort.

“Everyone else I would have to say, it’s time for your to practice, make sure you practice, but he would sit at the piano for hours, he loves to compose, he loves to play, that’s just God-Driven really,” His Mom, Shelly, said.

To much surprise, Arik’s parents aren’t swimmers, and aren’t musically talented, but they’re his biggest supporters.

“If you’re going to go practice you practice,” Shelly said. “You try to your best of your ability every time, you don’t go there to goof off and socialize, you go there to listen to your coaches.”

As for the 15 year old’s future plans…

“He’s definitely going to go to college,” His Dad, Richard, said. “I think his interests are in music, I think he wants to do something in the musical field, whether he swims that will be a bonus if it’s something he wants to do.”

“I definitely want to keep doing something musical, I don’t know what yet, but it’s kinda like my life,” Arik added.