LONGBOAT KEY – A 15-minute trek through the mangroves of Beer Can Island leads to the latest addition to Greer Island’s shore – a floating jungle gym.

Fun Life Entertainment owner Edwin Toro says his nephew inspired him to create the jungle gym after seeing a similar idea online.

“I fell in love with the idea and ever since I’ve been going for it, and we’re excited that were here and it’s absolutely been a good run and good decision,” Toro said.

Jade Eller and her friends live in Longboat Key and went to try out the the jungle gym on Sunday.

“We would drive past it on the bridge, and we were like, ‘Oh my gosh we wanna do that so bad!’,” Eller said, “so today we just swam over from the other island to go.”

With a slide, a rope to swing from, and two sets of trampolines, the jungle gym turns Sarasota Bay into a playground.

It’s anchored off the eastern shore of Greer Island, and it’s perfect for people of all ages

“When we first got here we were like, ‘Oh my gosh it’s a bunch of little kids,’ but as we’ve been here for the past hour, like dads go on it, we went on it; I think its like an all ages type thing,” Longboat Key resident Gillian Cassidy said.

Kids were Toro’s main focus in creating the floating playground.

“I have a lot of locals that would say there was nothing for their kids to do but sit on the beach and play in the sand, so they absolutely love doing all of these jumps – the trampoline jump, the Tarzan rope,” Toro said.

The jungle gym will be up and running Wednesday through Sunday until the end of the summer.

“I’d like to say that all of our fun friends are very excited that we are here and bringing excitement to their families,” Toro said.

“It was really fun; I’m glad we did this today,” Eller said.

For more information on Fun Life Entertainment, visit their Facebook page.