Five O’Clock Club changes owners


SARASOTA – It’s the transfer of power from one Five O’Clock Club owner to the next. Five O’Clock Club owner George Generoso says farewell after 20 years. He’ll go out with a bang though with his final shows.

It’s been an all-day party Sunday, July 9th, at the Hillview Street hangout where hundreds packed inside to hear Jah Movement and other bands.

The club turned into a staple in the music scene. A lot of acts got their start on the Five O’Clock stage.

“He made this an actual club and made it an actual venue in this part of Florida where big bands could stop and anybody that was traveling knew if they came to the 5 O’ they knew they were going to see something real, something authentic,” says Twinkle with Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio Band.

A new band takes the stage every hour until the club closes at 2 A.M. Monday morning.



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