Success at the final day of the Powerboat Grand Prix


SARASOTA – It’s the final day of races for the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix.

The P1 AquaX was the first to wrap up their day, although their third and final race has been shifted to the Florida Keys for the next phase of the competition in August because sea turtles in the race field postponed parts of the race.

Taking the top spot for the AquaX is Brian Baldwin, Erminio Iantosca places second overall. Cyrill Lemoine and Chris MacClugage tied for third.

Baldwin’s combined second and fourth place finishes were enough to give him that top spot, becoming the most consistent racer, and that’s what matters in the Grand Prix.

In the Super Unlmited Divison, Miss Geico topped Grand Prix rival Alex and Ani to take home first place.


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