Using social media to inspire recovering drug addicts


SARASOTA – One woman is using social media to share her story of overcoming addiction.

“If I had a choice to withdraw or die, I would gladly choose die anytime because it’s so painful,” says Tiffany Jenkins who was addicted to drugs for 10 years.

“I began using drugs not because I wanted to but because I needed in order to not feel sick,” says Jenkins.

She used opioids to numb her pain. The feelings of insecurities disappeared while taking pain pills.

“I was dying and I was desperate, and every word out of my mouth was a lie,” says Jenkins.

For more than 2 years Jenkins hid her addiction from her boyfriend,  a police officer, even staging a burglary at their home to fund her addiction.  She was arrested and would spend the next 4 months in jail.

“I tried to end my life, my second night there because I felt like the future was so uncertain and I was only ever going to be a drug addict,” says Jenkins.
After jail, Jenkins went to rehab, became clean and now uses her experience to inspire people.

“I have decided to use my platform to talk about addicts and addiction. “I started making videos making fun of myself basically,” says Jenkins

She uses humor to talk about the real issues, affecting people every day with one mission in mind.

People can see that the stigma of addiction is not necessarily what people believe it is. were’ not all lost causes, “says Jenkins.

Jenkins has now been clean for 5 years.

Jenkins gives out her phone number and replies to everyone who messages her. She wants anyone struggling with addiction to know, they are not alone and they can beat this.

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