On Site Medical Services At The Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix


SARASOTA- Thousands of people will be enjoying the Grand Prix festivities from the beach this weekend, and spending hours out on a crowded beach could lead to some heat related illnesses.

For the first time, Sarasota Memorial Hospital will have on site medical care for both the racers and spectators.

The more people that are out on the beach, the more people Dr. Reuben Holland sees in his emergency room and urgent care centers with similar symptoms.

“Not specifically related to the Grand Prix,” Dr. Ruben Holland Said. “But when their out on the beach, the heat related illnesses, getting stung by stingrays, sun exposure, and those types of things.

This year, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is bringing the medical care to the beach at the grand prix, so people can get the care they need right away.

“We’ll have a physical presence out on the beach, and the boat pit on 10th St.,” Dr. Holland said. “To take care of issues that arise or either on the beach or with the boating people.”

It might be easy to forget to take care of your health when your distracted by the races, but Dr. Holland says use common sense if you’re going to be out in the sun all day.

And to prevent things like heat stroke while you’re watching the races, drink plenty of water.

“It’s real simple, out of the sun,” Dr. Holland said. “Drink plenty of fluids and get out of the sun, and of course alcohol does make that tend to be worse, and extremes of ages also exacerbate that.”

Dr. Holland says having the medical presence on the beach could help remind people to take care of themselves.

“Hopefully that will bring increased recognition to people that the sun is very hot,” Dr. Holland said. “Even though it might rain, we want to make sure they drink plenty of fluids, limit alcohol, extremes of ages are the most susceptible to heat related illnesses and just basic common sense.”

Sarasota Memorial Hospital will be providing similar on site services again at the World Rowing Championships this fall.

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