Preparing for Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix


SARASOTA – With the Grand Prix Festival starting this weekend and the races starting next weekend, Sarasota P.D. Sergeant Bruce King says there a few things we should keep in mind.

“The biggest thing I would tell you is it’s gonna be busy. It’s gonna be congested so, bring your patience,” King said.

In this Florida heat, patience isn’t the only thing you need to bring.

“Be hydrated, wear sunscreen,” King said. “You go out to have a fun weekend; there’s no sense in getting third degree burns because you didn’t wear sunscreen.”

Being hydrated is not as easy as you would think.

“You can get dehydrated even though you’re in the water,” King said.

This can especially happen when you drink alcohol.

“Be mindful in your drinking,” King said. “If you spend the night before drinking, and you’re dehydrated before you even start the day, then you come out and you’re in 95-100 degrees with the humidity, it’s possible to overheat.”

If you plan to be out on a boat, make sure you have all of your necessary safety equipment.

“We’re gonna have agencies from Tampa all the way down to Venice here, so we’re gonna be pretty thick on the water as far as law enforcement,” King said. “So if you don’t have your safety equipment and you get a ticket for it, don’t be surprised.”

Law enforcement is there to protect you, not to ruin any of the fun.

“Look out for things that could be a danger,” King said. “If you see something, say something. Call the police and we’ll gladly help you.”

King says we should all try to remember what the races are about.

“It’s a great event. It sponsors local charity, raises a lot of money, and keep that in mind, what the cause is for as you’re coming out. Just be happy.”

For details of the festival and race schedules, go to Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix’s website.

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