The Sarasota Police Department is investigating a shooting at North Washington Boulevard.

According to the Sarasota Police Department,

It happened in the 3000 block of North Washington Boulevard in Sarasota around 3:30 pm.

Sarasota police are looking for two vehicles with at least two men in each vehicle.

A 2015 or newer white Toyota Camry with graphite rims and dark windows, and a 2012 or newer gold Chevy Malibu with dark windows.

Spokesperson for the Sarasota Police Department Genevieve Judge says the vehicles were traveling eastbound on 32nd street when they started shooting.

“One vehicle was starting to shoot at another one, ended up in a business across the street where more shots were fired into a business. Thankfully no one was hit, nobody was injured and the two suspect vehicles did leave the scene. So, right now we’re just canvassing the area, photographing and collecting evidence.”

Sarasota police believe these vehicles were also involved in an incident with Manatee County.

The investigation is ongoing,

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sarasota Police Department.