Get Up Get Active with Crunch #23: Cardio Sculpt


SARASOTA – Crunch members can’t get enough of this nonstop body sculpting class. It’s called Cardio Sculpt and the class lives up to its name.

Feet refuse to quit moving, hands refuse to put down weights. Your body refuses to stop sweating… perfect combinations for sculpting the body.

“Well, cardio is just like everything and that’s nice and sculpting makes you feel more toned when you walk out.”

Crunch member Lexi Sheredy perfectly defines the class, saying the cardio and sculpting portions morph together to create a full body workout in just 30 minutes.

Group fitness instructor Jennifer Densmore teaches Cardio Sculpt. She says she includes two strength-training routines before transitioning into cardio.

“So it’s always sculpt, sculpt cardio we we’re always working with that. Push-ups, crunches, lunges, squats. And with a 30 minute class, it can be more challenging than others because you’re trying to throw in everything all at once, less rest breaks than like in a full hour.”

Thirty minutes moving quickly. Music powering you to keep moving, whether you’re using weights or using nothing but your hands.

For Lexi, working out alongside others is a huge motivator.

“Well, if I see my friend going harder and longer than me, I’m extremely competitive so it’s like a race. I have to beat that person, be better than that person. So I motivate myself.”

Even if you’re a beginner, the motivation is there.

“Everybody’s a different level and nobody pays attention to anybody but themselves really in a class.”

A class designed to help you get up and get active.


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