Making A Champion: Ryan Overstreet


BRADENTON – Ryan Overstreet competes against the top high school quarterbacks from Seattle to Pittsburgh to Texas. All he gets is a 24 hour notice but that’s all he needed.

The Manatee High quarterback makes the finals for the first time at the Cam Newton Quarterback Skills Challenge.

“Just excited… I came out here trying to do the best I could and to beat all these other quarterbacks is exciting.”

Flashback an hour before the competition, Ryan isn’t expecting to make it past the first round. He’s just happy to be competing with the country’s elite players.

“This is the best of the best so everyone here is a stud. It’s pretty big.”

Not to mention, he’s throwing in front of Cam Newton.

“He’s such a big athlete. I’ve watched him since his days at Auburn.”

The roles reversed… the former NFL MVP watching Ryan hit his targets.

“I didn’t know he was there until I rolled out, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye, I saw him staring right at me.”

When Ryan isn’t evaluated by a football superstar, his dad is his critic.

“You always got to do stuff at home on your own, to work on the little things, to get better and play big time college football.”

This spring, the sophomore got the starting quarterback job for the Hurricanes. Ryan says his dad is proud, even though Mr. Overstreet played high school football for Venice, Manatee’s longtime rival.

“He still wears a green shirt every once in a while because he has too, but he wears a lot of red shirts now too.”

Ryan’s attending more camps this summer. He’s working tirelessly to send Manatee to the playoffs this season.

“My parents say they have memories of me at two years old running around the house with a football in my hand, and it’s always been a part of my life. I want to continue it as much as I can.”