SARASOTA- On the Suncoast, Eddie Sotomayor known as Top Hat Eddie also lost his life at Pulse Night Club.

Over the past year, his friend and former employer Al Ferguson has been healing.

He used to remember the 12th of every month as the date of his friends death But just a couple of months ago, Ferguson’s been focusing on the positive.

Ferguson wants to focus on the good that has happened since.

Eddie met Cuban artist Santiago Hermes while visiting his studio in Cuba about six weeks before the deadly shooting.

Eddie signed the artists’ guest book with hopes of greeting him in Sarasota one day.

Two months after Eddie died; Hermes travel visa to come to Sarasota was approved. Eddie’s wish came true.

On December, Hermes and local artists planned a surprise street play for Ferguson in Cuba as a way to honor Top Hat Eddie.

Ferguson says, he will always remember Eddie but it’s time to move on and remember the good in life.

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Krystel Knowles

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