SARASOTA – A collision involving an airport ground worker and a Delta aircraft happened today at Sarasota Bradenton International Airport.

Emergency vehicles were on the outside ground level of the B8 terminal after the worker’s vehicle went under the aircraft and scraped the bottom of it, breaking off one antenna from the plane.

SRQ Airport President & C.E.O Rick Piccolo said nobody was seriously hurt.

“It looks like the injuries were minor at worst, and more that he was shaken up by it than anything else,” Piccolo said. “The aircraft, it appears at least looking at it, that the damage is minor. As long as there’s no structural damage there, I expect it to fly out maybe a little late but not to be canceled, so the flight will go on as scheduled.”

Sarasota County paramedics took the employee to the hospital for further evaluation as a precaution.

Piccolo said after the plane flies to Atlanta, it goes to a maintenance center to have the broken antenna replaced.