Get Up Get Active with Crunch #20: The Kettlebell


SARASOTA – The kettlebell looks small, but it’s a piece of equipment fitness enthusiasts use to see big results, improving cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

“The kettlebell is an incredible piece of equipment,” says Crunch personal training manager Dan Condell, “in the fact, that it is very versatile, you can get a lot of different movements done with it, and because it is a free weight system, you are using  a lot more of your body in order to engage it”

“If you do squats by hugging a kettlebell, you are engaging your core, your upper shoulders, your engaging your glutes and everything else, so when you are engaging your glutes and everything else so when you incorporate that into part of a workout you will get more return on your metabolic rate; you will actually get in to better shape.”

Crunch personal training manager Dan Condell says people who don’t use the kettlebell are often intimidated by it or are not familiar with how to use it, usually gravitating towards barbells or dumbbells.

But the difference between a kettlebell and barbell? Condull says a kettlebell is more efficient when it comes to conditioning and building muscle endurance.

Kettlebell workouts are really full body workouts, acting as a free weight, using the entire body as its support system. Your biceps, deltoids, pecs, shoulders and core all engaged.

Weight equals intensity. To increase the intensity, you can increase the amount of reps or speed.

It takes getting used to, but once the technique becomes comfortable, it’s one step closer to building strength, mobility and range of motion.


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