The science behind opioid addiction


MANATEE COUNTY – The opioid epidemic continues be problematic in southwest Florida.

Dozens showed up for a seminar at the Ranch Grill and Bar in Bradenton Sunday, May 21st.

Doctor Sam Snodgrass led the discussion and his approach to the opioid problem is to treat it as a medical illness rather than put it through the court system.

Narcan training which reverses the effects of opioids in case of an overdose was also a topic of discussion.

“We need help.  We don’t need to be thrown in jail. We don’t need to be criminalized.  We don’t need to be treated as if we are lepers in this society.  We need to be treated as human beings who have a problem who have an illness and let’s mitigate the harms of that illness and then we can stop people from dying,” said Dr. Sam Snodgrass Ph.D..

Dr. Snodgross spoke of his past opioid addiction and has been well since 2011.


  1. ” … clean since 2011″. Stigmatizing language was one of the topics of discussion at this event. “Clean” is one of those words that carries powerful negative connotations. SNN – please choose language carefully. We like to say that Dr. Snodgrass has been well since 2011.


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