Get Up Get Active with Crunch #19: Chisel


SARASOTA – This week we introduce you to another one of Crunch Fitness’ full body workouts. It’s called Chisel and it’s a head-to-toe weight training class.

“It’s 30 minutes, it’s pretty intense. It doesn’t have to be intense if you don’t want it to be. You can take it up a notch or take it down a notch.”

Crunch group fitness instructor Jenny Densmore says people of all ages and fitness levels can take this class. She says you can modify movements and choose weights that work for you.

“You can have high school up to later 60’s, nyone can really take it. I try to modify it so any level can take the class.”

Lunges, squats, push-ups and bicep curls, this class has a little bit of everything. And though Chisel isn’t a cardio-based class, Desnmore says the constant movement gets your heart rate up.

This strength training class is all about sculpting and shaping your muscles using weights and calisthenic exercises.



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