It’s a trend that’s sweeping the nation and flooding social media. It’s goat yoga and it’s hotter than ever. In fact, some states have waiting lists topping 1,000 people. Geraldson Community Farm is the first on the Suncoast opening its barn doors to yogis.

Instructor Colette Marie embraces outdoor elements as part of the practice. “Animals and nature always teach us the best things so we pull from that and we use it,” said Colette Marie.

In this yoga class anything goes; including the goats! “The baby goats jump on them and bite their hair, it’s quite funny,” said the Operations Manager at Geraldson Community Farm, Christa Leonard.

Focusing on the breath isn’t necessarily easy during goat yoga. It’s all about having fun and letting loose. The light-hearted atmosphere makes for plenty of smiles, laughs, and even pictures. “I don’t know anyone who can be around a baby goat or be around goats in general or animals, and be stressed out and that’s where it’s kind of therapeutic and that’s where it really started to trend,” said Leonard.