MANATEE- A five alarm in Bradenton is one of the biggest officials can recall.

“The fire initially started at a private warehouse next to Callaghan tire,” says Jacob Saur, Chief of Manatee Public Safety.

Jeremy Taylor was on his lunch break and saw flames.

“We saw a bunch a smoke coming from a building next door when we walked over there we saw that there was a car on fire. The fire eventually ended up spreading over to our inventory which is like 2000 tires and the tires caught on fire,” says Taylor.

Fire Chief Gorski says the fire was wind driven pushing the flames onto the tires and required assistance.

“We got a total of about 14 fire engines, 3 different types of ladder trucks, and special vehicles from the airport, Sarasota County throughout Manatee County all on scene.”

As crews were battling the blaze they faced another problem.

“The situation is developing because the run off the water with the oils and other chemicals that those tires give off we gotta capture so it doesn’t start polluting the storm water system,” says Gorski.

One person inside was taken to the hospital and as temperatures rose to triple digits firefighters battled heat exhaustion.

“Not even sure what the temperature is but when you wear this gear and you are put into that situation with fire. It intensifies and doesn’t take much to get dehydrated,” says Gorski.

And employees are remaining hopeful

“It’s horrible but what can we do. We are in a waiting process. Like I said we’ll continue.