Get Up Get Active with Crunch #17: Boom Muscle


SARASOTA – Baby boomers, grab your weights and get ready to get moving. Boom Muscle Powered by Silver Sneakers is a half hour full body workout.

The exercises in this class are inspired by popular sports and based around everyday functional movements.

“At our age, sometimes its hard to keep up. You can get out of breath but you keep pushing forward.”

Boom Muscle is a strength training class designed to build endurance and tone muscles.

“So the more you use weights, you pump the muscle, encouraging the muscles to get stronger, and stronger is good because the muscle holds the bones, so strong muscles equals strong structure.”

But Crunch group fitness instructor Loredana Reynolds focuses on more than just the weights. She puts an emphasis on stretching, using TRX bands to help keep the body flexible.

“Balance is also important as we get older. We need to work on balance.”

Maureen Jones calls herself a ‘Boom Muscle’ regular. She’s been taking the class for nearly three years.

“It does keep your heart beating, and if you don’t keep using it, you know you’re going to lose it.”

Bonny Difiore says its something she and her husband look forward to.

“We learn so much. It gets us in great shape and we have made great friends here too. It’s just great.”


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