Making A Champion: Sany Gawande

Mr. Sparky

BRADENTON – Tennis is taking Sany Gawande all over the world.

“I’ve played in Cayman Islands, Barbados, Puerto Rico and I’ve played in Mexico too.”

She’s moved from Arizona, to Oklahoma to Palm Harbor before settling in Bradenton at IMG Academy. She says being away from her family is tough.

“They all live in India so I don’t get to see them as much.”

But the traveling and the two-a-day practices are worth it. At 15 years old, she’s on her way, learning from the best at IMG and watching pros in action.

Sany’s coach, Margi Zesinger says Sany’s come a long way in five years at the academy.

“Sany came here as a  a very shy, little girl. Now, she’s more like her tennis idols. She’s similar to that Roger Federer… tat presence on the court, that you know that she’s there.”