SARASOTA COUNTY – Marchers protest in Washington D.C. to demand congressional action on climate change, and Sarasota got in on the action.

The Sarasota Climate Justice Coalition organized the protest. Hundreds showed up to show their support Saturday, April 29th.

The goal is to call attention to the ‘Ready for 100 Campaign’. They hope to set up target dates for transitioning Sarasota to 100% zero emission energy resources.

Supporters for the cause held up signs reading “Solar for All”, “SRQ Ready for 100% Clean Energy” and more.

“The message is that this is affordable energy the price has dropped considerably over the past ten years.  And it allows people to have a level of independence in their power supply as well.  So it’s a no-brainer from an environmental standpoint as well as an economic standpoint,” said organizer Sean Sellers.

St. Petersburg is the first city in Florida taking steps toward zero emission resources.