Get Up Get Active with Crunch #15: Kiki’s Story


SARASOTA – Competition has always been a part of Kiki McGarry’s life, but  in the late 90’s she started having trouble with her back.

“So I got to the doctor and found out I needed to get my hips replaced. So at that time, I had been sedentary for ten years.”

After recovering from two hip replacements she was ready for change.

“I was in a size 24 which is a big size for a girl and so I decided that it was time to get back on track and to get focused on getting myself lean again.”

Teaming up with trainer Jason Heckman, she dropped 120 pounds in a year and four months. And with that, her focus took an unexpected turn.

“One of the things he said is I’m going to go ahead and put you on stage. So I don’t know what that means, but I know it means very little clothing.”

Heckman says, “She’s the only client I’ve ever had that I’ve encouraged to compete because she had the drive to be able to do it and to put the time in to be successful at it.”

And successful is right judging by her transformation photos.

“Exercise for me is actually quite easy. Just because I have a competitive nature. I like to sweat. I like to be with people who are doing like-minded things, so being in the gym is really invigorating for me”

It wasn’t all easy though. Kiki put in the hours and learned a lot from Heckman along the way.

“He helped me understand what kinds of foods to eat, how to eat, the timing of eating the foods to combine together to really. Drop the weight and get myself lean.”

Now, seven competitions later, she plans to keep going.

“You know, it keeps me honest so it keeps me very focused because the diet process is 16 to 12 weeks depending on what I’m doing. I do need to have a goal in order to keep myself on track and I do have one set of pants that I’d like to try to stay in.”


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