Video has been released that shows a volunteer being shot and killed by a police officer at a citizen’s training event last summer.
The shooting took place at a “shoot don’t shoot” demonstration when 73-year old Mary Knowlton volunteered to participate.
You can see Knowlton and Officer Lee Coel behind the crowd, He’s playing the suspect when he shoots at Knowlton, who falls to the ground.
People watching thought it was all part of the demonstration, but other officers run to get help.
Authorities have said that Coel used real ammunition by mistake he was fired from the Punta Gorda Police Department in March, after a hearing.
Today Coel was in court to appeal his termination he has also pleaded not guilty to a felony manslaughter charge.
Knowlton’s husband witnessed the shooting.
Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis is charged with second-degree misdemeanor culpable negligence and is on paid administrative leave