32 panels are in the center of the Selby Public Library, telling the courageous story of Anne Frank. It’s a story of faith, hope, and love on display for everyone to see.

Denise Klokkenga is visiting the exhibit, brushing up on the facts before going back to visit the museum in Amsterdam.

“45 years go,  I went as a girl scout to Amsterdam and was able to see where Anne Frank hid away with her family and we are actually going back sometime this summer to visit again, says Klokkenga.

Steven Koeing is a volunteer guide for the exhibit and has a personal connection to the Holocaust.

“I am a child of Survivor. My father escaped from Dachau and my uncle survived Auschwitz,” says Koeing.

He says his father never talked about what happened.

“A lot of survivors and their families, there all so different in the way they took it. There’s a pretty common thing where they don’t talk about it, it was so difficult and emotional,” says Koeing.

Klokkenga says we need to keep this story alive.

“I believe its being taught more now because people, it realized that people need to know that this happened that the young people done forget about it, says Klokkenga.

And realizes the how important it is not to forget the past.

“Were able to come and see things like this and not let history repeat itself,” she says.

The Jewish Federation of Sarasota Manatee in partnership with the City of Sarasota will allow for more than 1500 students to learn about the Holocaust. The exhibit is on display till May 27th.