Venice resident invents one-of-a-kind chainless bicycle


VENICE – It’s a bike that’s off the chain… literally. A Venice resident debuts his new invention, the chainless bicycle, and it’s a one-of-a-kind bicycle. Sean Chan describes it as the world’s first tungsten-powered bike with RTS technology.

Sean Chan relied on his bicycle every day attending college. He carried his bicycle up and down his second-story dorm several times each day. One morning, he witnessed a student struggling with his own bike chain.

“And the next thing you know, he got back on and the chain snapped.”

That’s when Sean thought of a chainless bicycle, not only chainless but portable, solving his own problem. From sketches to molds to the final product, his idea became a reality.

“This bike has RTS mode. When you switch the gears, it goes into rapid turning mode where it turns freely. Without a chain, when you put it in your vehicle, it’s easy to fold it up.”

At 25 pounds, it fits neatly inside your trunk.

Sean says there are different variations of chainless bikes, but this is the first to be tungsten-driven.

“So every time when you pedal, all the force goes into the gears so less pedaling and more speed.”

The pedals are connected to the back wheel, making the ride more natural.

“Compared to when you’re running or jogging, your feet are in the back.”

Compared to a traditional bike, where you’re sitting and lifting your feet. Sean says riders usually take a couple minutes to get used to the way the bike functions, but in the end, they all agree on one thing.

“It’s really just a casual ride.”

You can support Sean on Kickstarter here.