Pride Fest for the LGBTQ


MANATEE COUNTY – Gay pride is known to take place in June but here on the Suncoast the LGBTQ community is celebrating in March.

The Manatee Pride Fest took place Saturday near downtown Bradenton.

Hundreds gathered to show their reverence for the LGBTQ group with live entertainment and memorabilia for sale.

Manatee pride is an all–volunteer effort with the goal of empowering and uplifting those in the gay community.

Prism youth initiative hosted the event.

Representative William Williams tells us why he is so proud of it.

“Pride is something that people think that we have to have pride for us to be accepted.  But I feel that pride is something that it makes us feel more comfortable with who we are.”

Manatee Pride is a program of Prism Youth Initiative a nonprofit corporation and proceeds from the event benefit Prism programs.