Former deputy Frank Bybee accused of attempted defraud, attempted murder


SARASOTA – A police inquiry reveals an illicit sexual relationship with a former Deputy and now more details are out.

Former Sarasota County sheriff’s deputy Frank Bybee is accused of trying to defraud a 79-year-old Sarasota woman and later attempting to murder her.

A Rhode Island woman called the s-o after reading about Bybees arrest and told deputies she had a long distance relationship with him that included paying for their encounters.

According to the herald tribune, she says she paid Bybee $5,000 for the initial encounter, and agreed to $500 after that and $500 for her to watch Bybee perform sexual acts with a video app.

The paper says an interview with the Rhode Island woman is not part of the criminal investigation into Bybee, but the results were submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Bybee is scheduled to appear in court on March 1st for a motion filed by his lawyer to withdraw as his counsel.