Tonight was opening night at Circus Sarasota, and people were lining up to see the show, especially the grand finale– Nik Wallenda and the Flying Wallenda’s.

Children of all ages lined up under the big top to hear the ring leaders famous words. And everyone has a favorite act.

“I like seeing the clown cause he’s really funny,” Ella Bonner said.

“When there up in the air and doing stuff,” Avery Janssen said.

But tonight one name was on everyone’s mind.

“Yes, yes, yes! And I’m excited to see Nik Wallenda,” Danny Sundt said.

Wallenda fans in Sarasota have watched the king of the high wire perform many times but tonight was different.

“I honestly have watched Nik Wallenda walk downtown and things,” Lina Meinhardt said. “And I guess I never thought about anybody falling.”

Other fans would like safety precautions.

“I would really enjoy the aerialist acts just as much if they had a net under them,” Connie Degen said. “So I admire the Wallenda’s and all they’ve done over the years, but I hate to see anyone get hurt.”

Jill Stouffer’s son trained at sailor circus, and she thought of him when she heard the news.

“It was extremely shocking and upsetting,” Stouffer said. “But I know that based on my son they wouldn’t want to do anything else.”
And while fans are watching the performance they’re also thinking of those still in recovery.

“Of course we wish them a speedy and fast recovery,” Alex Foox said.

But even Wallendas youngest fans know less performers doesn’t mean it will be less of a performance.

“Yes, yes, yes, it will be quite the show,” Danny Sundt said.

If you don’t have tickets yet, don’t worry, performances are running through March 5th.