New York-style hot dog comes to Sarasota


SARASOTA – A New York original hot dog is now right here in Sarasota. It’s the “hot dog with its name on it”… or snap dog.

Koukla’s classic Delicatessen is the first location in Florida to offer snap dogs. What makes the hot dog so unique is the all-natural way of branding that lets consumers know exactly what kind of hot dog they’re being served… one made from 100% premium beef and cooked in a real smokehouse. The name is right there on the hot dog.

Co-owner of Koukla’s Classic and New York native himself, Frankie Espinal, says any New York resident would appreciate the new addition.

“I grew up on these hot dogs, everybody grew up on these push cart hot dog. Everybody wants a dirty water dog and that’s what they are. They taste great, it’s 100% beef, it’s smoked, and it reminds you of home. It’s comfort food.”

Koukla’s Classic is a family business and you can find them on Lockwood Ridge.


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