Local businessman encourages filing taxes early


SARASOTA COUNTY – Tax season is underway and one local financial professional is encouraging folks to file early.

CEO of Elite Wealth Advisers, Kaleb McCarty, says if you’re lucky enough to get a refund, the earlier you get it in, the faster you’ll get that money back. Filing early also gives you time to catch any errors.

If you owe money, filing early will give you time to set aside funds to pay Uncle Sam before the April 18th payment date.

Tax season is also big time for identity theft, and getting your taxes finished early can help protect you.

McCarty says the IRS does not text or email you with information.

“The IRS will only contact you by phone or letter. So if you get that, follow up on it right away and figure out if its real. Other ways you really should protect yourself is tracking your credit card and bank statements, looking at them as frequently as possible.

If you think you’re a victim of identity theft, McCarty says to contact the IRS first. And you should also call the Federal Trade Commission and local authorities to report the issue.


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