First ketamine infusion therapy center opens on Suncoast


MANATEE COUNTY – The Gulf Coast Ketamine Center has opened the first ketamine infusion therapy center in the Sarasota–Manatee area.

Ketamine has been around for 50–60 years but now it’s being used in more ways.

The infusion therapy gives patients a certain dose of ketamine that helps with different health issues such as depression, chronic pain and mood and anxiety disorders.

It’s considered to be the most important breakthrough in anti–depressant treatment in decades.

Ketamine is shown to be effective in up to 90% of patients and is aimed at veterans who tend to suffer from PTSD or depression.

“Some of them in large percentages have shown incredible, almost miraculous, improvements in their depressive symptoms, their moods, ability to sleep which they weren’t able to before,” says anesthesiologist Dr. Steven Reichbach.

The Gulf Coast Ketamine Center says their goal is to help patients enjoy life once again.


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