Tiny House Part 4: Building The Rita in Sarasota County


SARASOTA COUNTY – You would think a tiny house is just like any other house and can be built in any neighborhood, right? It turns out Sarasota County is one of only a few counties in the United States where a tiny house can be built. We visited the Rita, a tiny house being built right here in the county and took a look at the big plans for the tiny house.

Richard Reep is building a tiny house in Sarasota County. It turns out the county is one of only a few counties in the nation with no minimum house size requirements in its zoning code. And the size of this tiny house… 476 square feet. Construction began in September and the concrete piers lifting the house underneath have most recently been completed.

Reep says, “Since it’s small, piers are a much more economical and efficient answer… so actually it’s a natural Florida way to make your home very efficient in terms of ventilation, cooling and heating and so forth.”

Much of the building’s materials are locally-sourced and because of the small size, they have to take advantage of every possible space.

“Every space has to have at least two uses so it’s a small but small but compact and vertical sort of structure.”

Reep and his family will find out exactly what’s it like to live in a tiny house once construction is completed by the end of the year.

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