Get Up Get Active: Studio South FMS


SARASOTA – Studio South Fitness believes its members and clients should move well. That’s why it offers functional movement screenings to all of its clients and member, identifying any weaknesses or injuries in the body before you start working out.

Director of Operations Vinnie Burns says its value is immeasurable.

“What it shows you is imbalances you may have, asymmetry issues. Things that you would almost have to see a physical therapist or physician for.”

What you see here is one of seven basic movement patterns included in the functional movement screening. This includes a hurdle step, shoulder mobility, a squat or hip hinge and even balancing on a beam. Burns says all of the trainers at Studio South are certified for FMS.

The screening identifies any issues or complications in the body but it’s also used to help suggest different corrective exercises and functional mobility movements. Burns says clients find great benefits from the FMS, especially for the long term.

“So there is a grading system in this assessment. You get a one, two, or a three. Three is the best you can get. One is definite work needed. Two is you are almost at a three but you’re not perfect yet. Based on that, we can work on different things that will help it and retest a person again to make sure they are on track to keep getting a higher and higher score.”

He says the seven step process is a great tool to show you what you need.

“You know when you go to a gym, you know what you want out of a gym, but this identifies what you actually need. The little small muscles that need to be worked. The range of motions issues you might have when you walk up the stairs and you trip. This identifies that and allows you to work on those little things.”

Mention this segment at Studio South Fitness by December 31st, 2016, to receive a complimentary Functional Movement Screening and take advantage of one of their 3-for-1 personal training specials!


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