Florida pest control company introduces No Bite Zone


SARASOTA COUNTY – Good News Pest Solutions launched a revolutionary mosquito protection program that turns your yard into a ‘No Bite Zone.’

Good News Pest Solutions caused quite a buzz this month with the ground-breaking of their new product, GardenPaq. Its purpose is to rid your home of mosquitoes. It’s not killing the insects as you may think though. President of Good News Pest Solutions, Dean Burnside, says this unique product is about controlling them.

“We’re going to protect you from getting bit by mosquitoes and we’re actually going to protect mosquitoes.”

You might think, why not just kill the mosquitoes? Burnside says these pesky insects are important for the environment. They’re the number two pollinators behind honey bees. And what you might now know is only female mosquitoes search for blood. GardenPaq reorients their senses.

“It emits a CO2 as an attractant just like our breath attracts them to us for a blood meal but once they get there, there’s an ingredient inside that reorients their need for protein back to vegan. So we turn carnivores back to vegans.”

This is the first time a product of this nature has been introduced to the market. GardenPaq has been approved through the United States Environmental Protection Agency after years of testing. It works without pesticides and contains all organic, natural ingredients.

Good News Pest Solutions is currently the exclusive provider of GardenPaq as a monthly service for $75 a month.

Each pack lasts 15 days and creates a 70 foot radius ‘No Bite Zone.’


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